Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hi Anything Ghost'ers.

I've created a website for my podcast, and will no longer use this blog.

The new website is:

The new podcast feed is:

iTunes is currently updated with the new feed.

Things will remain this way for as long as I'm a dude...and I currently have no compulsion to change that.

So, be hip, and get connected with the new feed. Then, I'll be happy as a clown—and that's important...well, to me it is.

Take care and thanks for letting me borrow your earbuds each week!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Anything Ghost Podcast 13 • May 6, 2006

(Download here)

• Lee: the curtains billow, dog growls, no one there.
• Jose (Australia): EVPs from an airplane hangar.
• James (Los Angeles, USA): Personal experience on the Queen Mary in Long Beach
• Shannyn (Ontario, Canada): The haunting preist in the barn.
Kes: The spirit of Nana departs

The website is up: